Passier Anatomical Dressage Girth (Black)
Passier Anatomical Dressage Girth (Black)
The anatomically shaped leather saddle girth from Passier stands for an excellent fit and makes you and your horse a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the elastic ends on both sides and the widely spread girth center, pressure is optimally distributed so that the girth is also suitable for pressure-sensitive horses.
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Passier Webbed Continental Reins (Black)Passier Webbed Continental Reins (Black)
Passier Webbed Continental Reins (Black)
Classic contintental web reins with leather grips and leather martingale stops. Material: Passier Bridle Leather harness material Stainless steel or brass width: 19 mm APPROXIMATE Length per side: pony 125 cm / full 140 cm / full extra 150 cm