KEP Cromo Textile - Blue, Blue Grid, Front Dark Blue 'Galassia' Panel, Blue Textile Grid and Frame

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KEP Chromo Blue with Glitter front

An absolutely stunning hat, the KEP Cromo Textile Navy Hat with Front Galassia Panel just shimmers in the sun.  This is a beautiful hat for competing in. 

Unparalleled attention is paid to the safety of the products. Before a KEP hardhat goes into production, the Safety Department conducts a whole series of tests; up to 15 different types of tests including frontal, side, rear impacts and rollovers – retention system and hardhat stability.

All the KEP Riding Hats are tested and kite marked for the British Market and have the ASTM F1163.04A and PAS015: 2011 KITE MARK to allow you to wear your KEP hat for all equestrian disciplines.

£675 including liner up to 55cm.  The liner is interchangeable, but the shell remains the same size from 52cm to 59cm.  We suggest if you want a bigger liner you purchase separately at £35.00 including VAT.