Schockemohle Malibu Bridle: Black Patent

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Malibu Patent

The Schockemohle Malibu Snaffle Bridle: Black Patent is an elegant rolled snaffle bridle with an anatomically shaped headpiece. The Malibu comes with a curved browband with a big crystal chain, a rolled flash, cheek pieces with hook and stud closure and a throatlash that is adjustable on both sides.

The Malibu is a fantastic bridle and a MUST SEE with its shaped noseband curved around the horses cheek bones and curved around the bit allowing room for the bit to move and avoid rubbing.

The Malibu is also shaped on the noseband to give the horse a feeling that the bridle is already broken into the shape it naturally wants to take. Schockemohle have also cleverly designed a new chin strap on the noseband that is made from nylon on the underneath side and lined with leatherto avoid lots of bulky leather and make the bridle more comfortable for the horse.

Finally the Malibu's headpiece is made from extremeley soft calf skin so that the headpiece over the poll is super soft from the start! The headpiece is also anatomically shaped so that there is hardly any pressure on the horses poll as seen in the picture.

Available in Black or Black Patent noseband - No reins included - rolled reins an additional £55