Amerigo Dressage Girth

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The Amerigo Dressage Girth is beautifully manufactured, and lined in a luxurious padded calf skin.

The Girth is anatomically shaped to allow the horse the maximum movement without restricting or pinching the horse when moving.  It can be worn on its own because it is so lovely and soft, or combines beautifully with the Mattes Platinum Girth Cover especially designed for this girth.  AS WORN BY CARL HESTERS HORSES.

I personally love this girth, as my young dressage horse was a bit uncomfortable when tightening the girth, and it almost made him seem like he was cold backed.  I put the Amerigo Dressage Girth on him, with his beloved Mattes Platinum White Girth Cover, and the problem was solved, getting on him was never a problem again, and everywhere I went we were complimented on the look, and I can't count the amount of orders I have had by people seeing my horses Amerigo girth and the Mattes Girth cover.  The girth cover fits really well over the girth with concealed velco straps, I find it stays in place perfectly.

Both items are now an essential part of my kit.