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At Cool Equestrian, we do everything we can to ensure that your Petrie Boots are absolutely perfect for you: We take measurements every 5cm up the leg, measure you foot and then compare this it Petrie's extensive Size Selection Chart. As often as we can, we aim to get people into standard sized boots, but this is not always possible. This is the beauty of Petrie, they do a full or partial made to measure to ensure that nobody is left feeling uncomfortable in their new boots.

We travel the country with out Petrie range, from Hartpury to Olympia, Yorkshire to Windsor, and we never compromise on our service. We are extrmeley skilled at measuring you and also recommending the rigt boot for your foot and leg shape. We at Cool Equestrian like to think this is why people come back to us over and over for their boots! We also boot meaure at our shop in Cheshire, the address of which can be found here.

With Petrie's new Customise Your Boot option, we will even go through the process of suggesting colours, leathers and accessories that will help your boot stand out and make you look gorgeous. 

We are one of the Nation's largest Petrie Boot retailers in the UK and we want to share our knowledge and experience with you to ensure you are completely satisfied!

If we are not at a tradeshow you're attending, you can always measure yourself at home. Below are 3 easy steps to ensure your boot measurements are spot on. If you click the links, they will open a PDF in a new window for you to follow!

1) How to measure myself for Petrie Boots 

2) Recording my Petrie measurements

3) Petrie Standard Size - Please note if you are not on the standard size chart, please get in contact with us. 

4) Call us on 01829 720507 to discuss your boot size or email


We hope this has cleared everything up for you!


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